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Things that Science doesn't know

The Qur'an says the center of the sun is cold! ! ..

The Qur'an precisely reports the temperature in the center of the sun, it is not a prediction. The result obtained by looking at the surface temperature of the sun is very illusory.
The core temperature which is 15.6 million° C is not logical. Because when the elements reach certain temperatures,
they begin to release more of the temperature they can carry through the radiation. Their radiates cannot be stopped.
The amount of energy that atoms can store is limited by their volume. When the subject is hydrogen and helium, these two flammable/explosive elements will explode after the smallest trigger energy scans, not with the million degrees.
The Qur'an reported the core temperature of the sun as 2,725 kelvin (- 270,425 ° C). This figure is scientifically the most rational.

The Qur'an says: the sun is absorbing energy from the universe! ..

The sun, which is our source of heat and light, cannot produce its own energy. The Qur'an reports that the sun has absorbed the energy released by the hydrogen atom from space. This determination is wise enough to overturn the knowledge of the scientific world.
It is not possible to generate energy, but the energy type can be changed. In other words, the sun does not produce energy, but absorbs itself from its own gravitational field in the universe. This mode of operation is quite accurate when we look at the temperature of the universe and why the core heat of planets does not rise.

Science has misconceptions about matter! ..

The Qur'an reports that quarks are tiny gaps. Remember the sentences that says the quark, which is the basic element of the subatomic particles, is simply nothing; "I created you from nothing!" This proposition tells us that there is no meaningless sentence that states that we are not exist before we were created, but that the fundamental part of our being is the tiny gaps in one of the main assets (higgs).
In the experiments at Cern, it was observed that the disintegrating proton was immediately lost. Because the quarks are not assets, when there is a deterioration in the mechanism that ensures proton integrity, they disappear by filling with higgs.
Since only the authority that produces that technology knows such special knowledge of atoms, the rumor of revelation informs the righteous.

The Qur'an tells us that the atom has an integrated structure like a battery! ..

Nobody thinks that the proton and the electron are not separated from each other! When the atom is integrated like the battery, its behavior can be understood and defined. Atoms revolving around its axis like Mevlana.
They form the core on the head/proton side. This structure can fulfill all chemical functions. In addition, they stand in the way of providing electrical and electromagnetic effects.

The Qur'an tells us that there is no flow of electricity! ..

Electricity is not electron flow. The electrons in the two conductors show a vise effect and informs that there is force transfer.

Science does not know the content of magnetism! ..

It is not a skill to know the existence of magnetism by looking at the piece of iron adhering to the magnet. Apart from formulating the effects of magnetism, you will not find it if you are looking for information about its content and the system that works behind it. What's in the space around a magnet? In other words; What is the thing that comes out of the conductor when this magic occurs? Do you know that the answers to all of this remain so hidden in the sentences of revelation? The scientific world only records what they observe.

Science doesn't know that magnets are two bipolar! ..

At the top, we claim that the scientific world cannot go beyond observing and measuring, but we can easily say that nothing is known when the subject is magnetism. It is strange that even after over a century of study and investigation, it is still unknown that a magnet is 4-pole. (Except U-shaped magnet)

Science doesn't know what photon is! ..

The photon is a crescent to form the cone shape. If the photon was shaped like a sphere, it would be useless. Optical technology due to the light breaking due to the photons being cone shaped, photosynthesis and colors transfer with energy by light are possible. In order to transfer the energy that they carry to other atoms, photons that need to have a geometrical structure other than the sphere are produced as copies of the atom that produces them. Therefore, they are also cone shaped like protons. This is how the Qur'an tell the photon. (Refer to the "Kurantum Physics" and "4 Great Secrets")

Science doesn't know that space is full! ..

A ordinary human space may be considered empty, but space must be full for propagation. And it is. Big bang is the place to be there. In other words, even if it is empty, a space is needed as the place where beings are created. Revelations use the name hell for this place. He uses the letter "Nun" as an icon for the universe. All of these beings are created in this hell, protecting them from this hell by wrapping them with a night called "Müzzemmil". Revelations are telling the most accurate technical information and doing the necessary scientific explanations.

Science does not know that the concepts of mass and volume are separate things! ..

He talks about the concepts of revelations, masses and massless atoms. Mass atoms don't burn. Science has not been able to declare that after flammable substances are burned, there is nothing remains (except for the atoms forming the ashes). Cinn atoms, which are mass-free but have weight and which the community calls "Boson", are building blocks that build flammable materials because they are merely energy pellets.
The scientific world records what they can observe as "information." As they could not find the opportunity to observe the atom, they merely contented with the narratives of the assumptions. These theories remain in force until proven the opposite or more consistent information is produced. Unseen informations can only be known by the authority producing that technology; When the subject is atoms, the data that can be obtained by blind experiments cannot accurately reflect the truth. While data from proton collision experiments cannot give complete information about the outer surface of the proton, how can the special structures of the skies (quarks) be depicted? The revelations at the end of this stage inform the most accurate technical information. When we combine them with the knowledge of modern science, we can proceed.

The world of science does not know the relationship of colors to the proton diameter! ..

The current atomic model has been improved several times. In all of them, prime mistakes are made and it is still being done. The error that we will mention here is the most obvious one; According to modern science, this single atom can emit photons in all colors; This is the same as waiting for the tension and length to oscillate at different frequencies to remove all notes from the fixed single wire. Three different colors are released from three types of atoms: Elif, Lam and Ra. The proton of hydrogen produces photons of the diameter or color determined by its volume (look at books of Kurantum Physics and 4 Great Secrets for details).
Unseen informations can only be known by the authority producing that technology; Revelations are giving the most accurate technical information, making explanations.

Science cannot explain the way telescopic antennas work! ..

Dipole antennas and ferrite core antennas have two ends and form a closed circuit, but one end of the telescopic antennas is left idle. Single-ended electrical circuits do not work because they are open circuit.The devices are turned off by means of breakers like circuit elements that act as a key and swith. The telescopic antennas are empirically induced, but they work surprisingly when the radios are expected to stop because of the single end being open. How is it possible that you can't explain how it works, even though you have a radio running? Telescopic antennas prove the claim that the electricity we mentioned above is not a flow. If you knew the mechanism behind the electricity, you might know how the telescopic antennas work. Revelations are telling the most accurate information, making the necessary technical explanations.

Science doesn't know what static electricity is! ..

We're talking about another electrical circuit that doesn't have ends. Static electricity, the occurrence of electricity in the absence of a circuit is interesting. Scientists here, just says that "static electricity occurs" without any explaining and they are getting away just as clerics . How does static electricity occur and standing without getting lost? As it is known, electricity is lost when the circuit is opened. Saying "Loading electricity!" does not explain the situation; the question "How" remains is still valid. The technology behind electricity has the originality that modern science cannot imagine.

The Qur'an reports the principle of the operation of the emission tubes! ..

Discovered before the transistor, the gain-making (amplification) electronic circuit elements exhibit excellent functioning. According to the description of Meri, the cathode element emits electron when heated and does not reach the anode by controlling it with a grid element and it emits an ampliated current in the external circuit. Again with the same reproach, we lift our fingers like a student trying to relieve his curiosity and ask the teacher; But how? How does the electron break from the cathode? How can the electron go to the other end of the solar system when we proportion the distance to the anode? How does Grid control this transition? The world of science is the boon! It can, but he doesn't know how its work.

Science doesn't know how semiconductors work! ..

The production technique of semiconductor materials is very precise and consists of the operation of technical processes. P and N type substances, gain elements that can be used in low voltage electrical circuits that do not require heat for their operation are emerging. Fairy tales are produced when it comes to explaining how its work. If you ask, "What is the effect of the factor determining the threshold voltage in semiconductors?", nobody can answer. The threshold voltage of the semiconductor material used is based on the characteristic of these elements! But how the chemical structure determines the threshold voltage is unknown. When you apply for science in the Qur'an, you find the necessary scientific explanations.

Science does not know the connection between light speed and electric speed! ..

Can the speed of light be exceeded? Is FTL possible? The time spending searching for answers to these questions and the brain effort is a pity. In fact, it is necessary to focus on the common point between magnetism propagation rate (radio waves) and the speed of light. Because the corresponding answer is hidden in this connection.