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What does the Qur'an tell?

When Averroes was the kadi of Cordoba, the rumor of flood might occur, started to spread between people. When the public hid in the embrasures with the fear of being perished, he said “It is not even certain if the tribe Ad exist or not!”. However, the public blamed Averroes with denying a hadith from Quran and got relegated by the authority from which gave him the name kadi in the first place, because he was valuable.

In real life, the stories that have been told in revelation narratives, is not even remotely close to the human life. The stories that are happening in the era of Noah, Kehf, or Joseph are not from the real-world history. These are giving information about the life we are going to have after we die. Because in the new life we are going to live in, most of our talents won’t be there and we are going to have to take care of ourselves. That’s why, in this human life, in this world, we have to take the essential education that we will need in the world of atoms. In the book of Quran, the essential information of life is given with definitions, provisions, and stories.

You can immediately realize that the sentences from revelation narratives don’t fit the human life. So that, the only thing ulama or everyone who builds career in the field of religion do is to try to make the revelation narratives to fit in the human life. All the creatures in the universe are composed of atoms, and salutations in the Quran are directed to those have soul (to humans). The infinite number of atoms in our bodies are separate creatures. We think that our bodies, that are composed of more than hundred billion cells, are “person”. Even though we separate each parts and organs from our bodies, our personality won’t lessen. Even the one-humped camels in our brains. The small creatures that are taken into account, are atoms. All the things have been told are for humans, that is atoms. After the human life in the world ends, we will continue to live inside of the atoms, it is called “living in the Heaven”. The place called Heaven, is inside of the proton. Rajel who lives in heaven is uninformed of the outside of atom that is the view around him, because he only has a structure that can hear.

The environment which we could never see, has been told us verbally. It is informed as “heavens that rivers move under it”. It is wrong to perceive the definition as river moving through it. The outside of proton is the bottom side of itself/heaven. The thing which is called “river” in space, is the energy ways belong to other atoms.

Asocial life is maintained inside of atoms. We don’t have the authority to dominate matters because we don’t have physical body and physical organs, that place is dream realm. There are so many threats waiting for us in our life in atoms. It is possible that atoms composed of energy might be absorbed or even destroyed by other atoms. The unique feelings are limited by; “hearing” the movements around, by getting affected with the magnetic vibrations, “smelling” by feeling the volume of the magnetic field and perceiving the existence of light.

The most secure place for atoms is the elements governed by prophets. They can take refuge in prophet by gaining ground in a suitable orbital. I know it is not logic to connect the atoms and elements with the stories in Quran. The real challenge is, to explain such information when there are no technical arguments. Now, it is advantageous because everyone has technical culture in sufficient level, since every atom has a fair amount of mind, all the elements and structures are provided by the suggestion made for atoms.