Monday, June 6, 2011     17:19
Yavuz Özmen

Ten Night & Laylat al-Qadr

-Huruf-u Mukattaa meanings
-In and Cinn Structures
-Muhkem and verse verses. (With numbers)
- The difference between Nebi and the Prophet
- what is given to them (the Psalms with the Torah and the Bible)
-Kadir Night with ten nights
-The real place of the night

Fecr passage "1-Vel fecri (dawn) 2- ve leyalin overrun (And ten nights) 3- Veş şef’ı vel vetri (Double and single)"
the word "night" refers to an asset. and his number is known. Reviews The first of these is "Kadir Gecesi". The night of power is the universe itself. Reviews Also in this book
ins / cinn concepts,
The reason why these verses are defined as k and you can find a review of many concepts that are still secrets.


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