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Laylat al-Qadr / Universe

The Big Bang Theory was the subject on a popular and interesting TV programme. The physicist who presented the programme was passionately explaining the beginning of the universe and the existence in a scientific language by mentioning about the cooling cosmic soup, self-induced dust clouds and the formation of matter. Since there were no social media platforms yet, the viewers who are willing to ask a question had to take part in the programme on live with their own voices via telephone. A young viewer who called the programme asked a question with the same passion: He asked: ''Where did the Big Bang you mentioned take place? I mean, where was the universe created?". Suddenly, the speaker lost all of his passion and were silent for a while. Then he answered: "The step before the Big Bang will always be an unknown thing!"

Perhaps, some semi-scientific assumptions on the beginning could be generated by rewinding physical events. But when it came down to the previous history of the beginning of the physics, the reasoning skill of humanity was not useful anymore. The human being was helpless about the previous history of the beginning of the universe. Again, we find the information about the beginning of the universe and the events before that in the book of Qur'an. All of the narratives in it are scientific. The narratives unrelated with the world life in Qur'an were being Gerçekte Kur'an kitabındaki dünya yaşamıyla ilgisi olmayan anlatılar, zorlama yorumlarla beşeri yaşama uyarlanmaya çalışılıyor, zamanla değişen bilgi ve geleneklere göre hiç durmaksızın yeniden ele alınıp bambaşka şekillerde tefsir ediliyordu.** In this regard, the notion of night mentioned in the book of Qur'an was not refering the time in which the earth or any other planet does not receive light. Although the notions of night and Laylat al-Qadr point the existence of darkness and a part of it, these were being used to refer the deep darkness of the universe itself. Therefore it had no specific date. Moreover, there were no precise date or time information accepted by Islam world about Laylat al-Qadr.

We name the time when the earth is in the darkness as the night. In both cases, the word ''night'' has a meaning of the darkness as the word ''night'' in Qur'an is only about the material of the structure of the universe. The universe is fully “at night” and it is fully in darkness. The science world names this dark structure as “Higgs”. And the parts smaller than it are called “Higgs boson”. The dark structure of the universe is fully formed by energy lines in reality. Despite it is a light/nimbus, it doesn't lighten itself. In other words, despite the light itself is dark/invisible, it lightens the objects which it hits and transfers its energy to them. The energy balls obtained from the dark matter, the photons, don't lighten the dark matter even as they move forward inside the Higgs. It is in darkness despite the light moving inside it. The self-contained dark parts seperated from the dark matter's structure with small circles are named as “the night” and there are nine more of these nights in total. And along with Laylat al-Qadr, there are “ten nights” in total. The whole universe embodies thanks to the nights. Since nine of the nights are assigned to the nights, they don't have specific names. They are mentioned with the atoms which they belong to.

Instead of asking the question''What is it that tells when it is?'' about Laylat al-Qadr in the Revelation, it has been clearly underlined that Laylat al-Qadr is a being by asking ''What is it that tells you what it is?''. And it has additionally been told that it is not particle-based. The universe has a structure filled with single dimensional and invisible lines.

Then it tells that the creator had shown its creating skills at Laylat al-Qadr. In other words, it tells that the universe had been formed before the atoms. The atoms are sent down as lineups at Laylat al-Qadr. The ''send down” term is technically a physics/chemistry term for us. Since there is no basis which indicates a low or high altitude in a universe without any reference point, it is impossible that the ''send down'' act explains a movement like a free fall.

The universe which is huge compared to human life and strength is remembered as ''Qadr'' since it reflects the power of the creator. The interesting thing is that the name of ''Qadr'' has the meanings such as “1-Power 2-Expanding 3-Narrowing 4-Measure 5-Volume” and some of them are just opposite of each other. That is to say: - The conical universe which has a 90 degree internal angle and a V-shaped section, Laylat al-Qadr in other words, expands linear from the starting point. -In a special sea-like structure of the universe, every created atom makes room for itself as far as its own volume while narrowing the universe a little bit. -On the other hand, Laylat al-Qadr acts like a three dimensional project paper for the beings inside its structure. The volumes of the objects, the distance between them can only be measured thanks to the structure of Laylat al-Qadr.
-Finally, its masslessness matches up with the meaning of ''volume''. In contrast to the modern science, the physics knowledge in Qur'an seperates the volume and the mass as different features. The universe has no mass, it only is a structure which contains the volume. The objects explained with mass term are described as hollow structures taking place inside the universe. With its unflammable and undestructible structure, the mass builds the elements, acting against the act which causes inertia and can store the kinetic energy. Despite the objects with a mass has a volume, the universe (Higgs) which only has a volume is a massless structure. Same rules are valid also for İns and Cinn atoms. İns atoms have a volume and a mass. On the other hand, Cinn atoms only show effect with their volumes. Massless objects are flammable. Since they have no mass, only energy remains after they burn. Like the structure of the universe, they consist of pure energy. The dying Cinn atoms are vanished by the universe.

Thanks to its structure which is formed by single dimensional lines, the universe acts like a fluid. Therefore it is called the sea. We are like the fishes living inside this sea. It would be wrong if we say that there is nothing outside the conic universe, because there is no outside of the universe! If the conic walls of the universe could be passed, the same universe would be entered. Because the outside of the universe is again its own borders. This may be hard to understand but it is very easy for understanding the thing. Since there is nothing, actually no room outside of the walls of 90 degree V-shaped universe, the sidewalls of this V-shaped universe acts like they are connected to eachother from outside. As a result, the quarter circle field of this V-shape acts like a whole circle. In this case, the visible universe will be looking much crowded like the countless reflections of the galaxies located between two mirrors. Because the light passing through the sidewall will enter inside through the other sidewall again and the galaxy will be seen from different angle once again. In one sense, the observer will see his/her own nape and will think that he/she is seeing another person.

On the other hand, nothingness has a reflecting feature. The atoms which contains nothingness inside acts like a mirror outside. ''The moon'' in the Qur'an is the conic borders of the proton. The nothingness called ''the sun'' just near the moon has a gravitational field. Again in the Qur'an, the attached lineup of the moon and the sun is mentioned. Both are on the same orbit. This description, which does not match up with the ordinary lineup and movements of the moon and the sun that we know, belongs to the structure of the atom.