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How accurate is the idea that the universe is formed by an explosion?
What is the exploding "thing"?
If there was no exploding material, how and where was this energy stored in it?
There is an explosion, but if there is nothing exploding, how can this explosion be explained?
What was the development just before the explosion?
More importantly, where did the explosion take place?
Where and how did this place where the explosion took place?

As you can see, there are many glitches in the Big Bang theory. Not being able to explain the beginning in a logical and scientific way, it raises many new questions.

According to the narrations of Revelation, the main place where the universe will take place is named as "night". Night is just like a circle of water. This circle, which proceeds in one direction, forms a cone. The moon is called the outer surface of the dark and empty space referred to as a cone shaped night, the universe is composed of twelve of these cones. When the first cone of the universe disappears, a new cycle continues where the new one is created.

The inner space of each of the cones that make up the universe is called "Kadir Night".
All the atoms that exist in the universe at this moment are created within this night. Scientists are ignorant of the nature and structure of the universe "Bigbang where they exploded?" they ignore their questions.

The universe was born than "nothingness"
How can nothing turn into being? We can describe nothing as "dimensionless" We can tell high shooting power like a black hole. The world of science depicts the black hole as a black sphere. In reality nothingness cannot be painted due to its sizelessness. All physicists, including Einstein, confused "Nothingness" with "absence". There is nothing lacking in a system, including nothingness, space, or lack of space. The book of the Qur'an can explain this dilemma in a specific style.

There must be a reason for the universe according to causality! Nothing is the source of infinite energy through its gravitational force. The real question is how Allah is formed. But nothing can find anything to drag on, but one-dimensional flow. The power that destroys nothing, the flow of time that it produces resumes instead of blocking. Now there are time lines. And like the ice patterns formed on the glass, they will plunge with one-dimensional invisible lines. Afterwards it creates proportionally effective gaps in the sea, opening up small slits in proportion to the effect that we call the entity.

The only element that the great sages of the world of science and religion cannot solve is the "Creator". You will find the commentary about God and the universe starting from nothing in the book "Other possibilities."