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The Quran is the name of electromagnetism. The fashion of showing the Qur'an as if it belonged to the book of revelation appeared in the last century, the book of the book of revelation before it was called Mushaf or kalam-ı kadim(old words) To him the Qur'an is an invention of academics in the field of theology. The name of the Qur'an is not called a holy book in the narratives of revelation. Moreover, the word Islam in a religion name is not mentioned in the sickle!

We are at a time when many giant steps have been taken as a means of admiration for scientific developments. In the interpretation of the revelation, there are still cliché tafsirs made out of words and science. In the Islamic community, they do not produce any original ideas, but simply simply compile the information they receive. Because of the attitudes that are not attributed to any idea which was not based on old, the narratives of revelation are left to serve only for the purpose of worship.

The Qur'an mentioned in the accounts of Revelation, Hz. It is not Mushaf compiled after Muhammad! As time passed, this admission had been thoroughly ossified. Despite certain expressions, it continued as an error which continued without any thought.
In fact, in the narrative of revelation, the book is clearly mentioned in only two places. But this book was not mentioned about the name, the Torah, the Bible or the book of the Qur'an.

If the writing of the revelations on the paper was called the Qur'an, there would be more than one paradox. First, a book sentence could not talk about itself. Revelations would not be the subject of revelations, however, when they were still lacking because of the fact that they were all right from the question. Against this discourse, he stood in the chapel of Levhi as a whole! The statements are thoroughly unfair. And also Hz. Muhammad's legitimacy was bringing pleasure. Because "We have sent down the Qur'an!" there was revelation, in this case it could not be explained in 23 years. Moreover, in the 15th year of the Risalet, the fasting, the ablution and prayer provisions in the 21st year become inexplicable.

In the narratives of the Revelation, the atom defined by the concept of the heavens and earth, which is defined by the concept of the heavens and earth (which can be found in the book of physics) and makes it untouchable "Qur'an" is attributed. It is very difficult to integrate the narrative narratives of Revelation. At the completion of the painting, Atom was still answering questions about the electricity and magnetism.

And the real issue is that the true Qur'an was concealed in a time when a book of human writing paper and ink was collected from the book "Quran". Yeah, maybe that could have been done on purpose. The event was due to the fact that the ulama did not know physics and was far from science. Excuse wouldn't eliminate the present crime. Hz. Muhammad had to say the verses of the Qur'an all day during the day of the Masjid; He was concerned to convey the quality and the heavy information to the ignorant people of the time. In the political processes that started after his death, this information was forgotten, could not be transferred and disappeared in the first two hundred years. After that, the commentators will now interpret the issues they have shaped with their own interpretations in a certain way. It would not be possible to synthesize such unique knowledge before the X century, when science was not yet born.

Nevertheless, the hypothetical propositions in some sentences should attract attention and should be suspicious. "We created you as a man and a woman!" what was the meaning of the promise to be delivered by the revelation? The five-year-old child knew sex differences automatically.
"Day and night chases each other!"
"We brought down the rain from the sky!"
"We spread the earth!"
"We've finished nebat on earth!"
"There are things that are useful to you in animals!" vbg revelations could not contribute to our knowledge. Allah, our minds she couldn't go past the drips. The essence of the essay is the simplicity of the sentences. he had subtly concealed it. To be able to explain the revelations of such revelations to the technical knowledge of the clergy they had to have logic and a culture of science. However, after the X.YY, in which the registered materials were being created, they had ignored the logic and philosophy by directing the attention of people to another place.