Monday, June 6, 2011     17:19
Yavuz Özmen

Other Possibilities

All members of the Islamic world adopt the principle of causality; If there are mountains there is the necessity of the creator, it is called the "Vacibül body". Even the most reputable ulama show the existence of Allah as the cause of Allah's existence. But when it comes to explaining the existence of God, they all fall down and stumble.

There are only one explanation for explaining the existence of Allah, in fact this explanation it is not even. The statement is only available on account of "the cause of God's existence itself!" the discrepancies and arguments in their theses are almost absent It has been the basic philosophy of Islam.

The science world also needs God. Again, when the order came to explain the smallest particle of the atom and the source of the energy according to causality, The need is heard.

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