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revelations in concepts

  • We have given you double duplicates and the Koran! (15 Hicr 87) The universe, which we assumed to be empty, was created with a very complex structure called the immense existence of space.
    First, a hydrogen atom was created in it. Its organs and functions were given separate names.
    After the first atom created, many were created from the same.
    Allah calls these atoms My Verses.
    The atom has seven limbs. While the universe had nothing in it, all the names of the atom were mentioned for the first time.
    These names belonging to the atom in the revelation of today's scientific world is called.

    3-Sun................Radyoaktif etki alanı
    4-Moon............Bozon spreader
    5-Sky (s)............Baryon
    And the Koran that protects him

Concepts in Revelation

Skys: proton/baryon
7rd Sky: Hadron
Ground/Location: Elektron
Gündüz ve gece: kuark ve antikuark çifti
Sun: gravty/ Nükleer force
Moon: Bozon spreader
Stone: Photon
Kur'an: manyetizma
Mountain: Elektromagnetizma

Then we can list the universe and other names of the world of atoms:

Wind: Manyetizma hareketleri
Smeel(Benan): durgun manyetizma
River: energy paths
Sea: Evreni dolduran enerji (ruh) çizgileri
Rain: Foton saçılımı
Mountain: Elektromagnetizm
Ant: Image of element
Village: Any element.
Median Valley: large area in the middle of the
Cinn: massless atom
İns: Mass atom
İnsan: A "ins" atom with a soul
Nefer: Three Cinn atoms (Ta-Ha-Mim)
The Prophet : the leader / chief of the element
Nebi : Each soul in the three Ins atom (Abraham, Moses, Jesus)
Verse : Each atom
Sure : Each element type
Kur'an: Magnetism surrounding the atom
Kitap: Each of the preserved atoms in the Qur'an