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The Actual Things that Holy Quran Reports of!

A nice parable would help us to make ourselves understood.
Sherlock Holmes is on a camping trip with Watson. In the middle of the night Holmes wakes up and pokes Watson.
“Watson”, he says. “Look at the sky and tell me what you see.”
Watson replies, “I see millions of stars, Holmes”.
“So, what do you conclude from all these, Watson?”
Watson thinks for a while, and finally he says, “I conclude that, astronomically there are millions of galaxies and billions of planets. Astronomically I observe that Saturn is in Leo. Horologically, I deduce it is approximately 3 in the morning now. Meteorologically, I think tomorrow will be great. Theologically, God is omnipotent, and we are the tiniest. So, what about you, Holmes?”
Holmes says, “Someone stole our tent, my friend!”

From Quran so many things were concluded, including ways of governing, table manners, military strategies, law of inheritance, rules that regulate social life, even more, healing and witchcraft amulets were written, in fact there were people who searched for lost property and treasures looking at the verses of the Quran. In reality, in Quran only the creation of atoms and cosmogony were explained. When focused on the first meanings of what had been told in revelation narratives, you might sense that something else had been told contrary to what is believed. After that, you will directly notice that the concept of Islam, which was mentioned specially, was not the name of a religion. And in the continuation, you will see that the name Quran was not referred for a name of a book.

The Word Islam means submission and declares a physical condition. This word is used for state the condition of a person who is a hostage, who is in captivity, who surrendered. Therefore, Islam is not mentioned as a name of a religion. The words Islam and Muslim cannot be used for a community name with singular form. Those who submitted from the atoms created to build the universe, that is those who became “Islam”, takes part within any element and they are referred as Muslim after that. Matters/Elements can be built thanks to the minds of atoms. Those atoms that do not submit, they turn into energy after they burn some time later and interfused in the universe. We do know that; the universe is made from energy (existence). Later new atoms are created from this energy and atoms who do not submit among others, dissolves with the name rule.

The book is referred to the safeguarded structure, created by atom and Quran together. Quran is protecting atom and the soul inside of it, from the external effects. Quran, as mentioned in revelation narratives, has integrity. It was sent down from the kernel of atom, that is, the sky. Quran connotates electromagnetism and electric, in contemporary science language. The sentence “Kuran çarpsın (Literally means let Quran paralyze me)” reaches significance here. Operation of electric magnetism is still unknow worldwide. We understand from revelation narratives that electric is not a current, it is a kinetic energy transfer. Therefore, we can model the operation of electric. Subsequently, we can clarify the definition of magnetism based on this information. Science world states about magnetism that “around the feed cable (in which the electric current travels through) magnetic field is created.” This seems like a statement from an observation, rather than a definition. Revelation narratives state that, it is the appearance of rings of protective Quran around submitted atoms, that overflow from the feed cable by gaining momentum. Of course, it does not state this in only one sentence. First, it describes the Quran, it mentions the features and it is connected to the behavior of atoms. You can find more details in the study of “4 Great Secrets)

God, after he created the universe itself, later he created atom inside the universe, as a first thing. People think that the complexed structures they see with their eyes, appeared from no whore like they are in a magic Show. In fact, with the act of creation only the atoms are inquired. So that, with the act of Fatr/Splitting, small splits are created in the construction of the universe. It is called “Creation/Splitting. The word Fatr is used for the explanation of the act of splitting. After that, everything is built from atoms by designing within the scope of endless knowledge, this act is notified as with the verb Halg. As you know atoms are so small to the extent, even knowledgeable people denied them down the ages. The difficulty of understanding the greatness is in the littleness, is one of the biggest causes of the creation of ignorance in denial level. So that, the talent of the God, who created everything with atoms, remains conserved in him. Let’s think now; Would God give rules that humankind can break/bend? Would give the right to talk to people who wouldn’t care about him? Absolute thing is this; 10 to the power of 123 (10ˆ123) atom had submitted unconditionally to the rules of God. (We know the ones who didn’t are perished and we do not count them). As a result, we can say that, universe had been establish with Muslim atoms.

Why does Quran only talk about atoms? If we could focus on how the communication between our body and soul provided, we can see the answer. The thing is, the soul must have a physical presence, so that it could have impact and give consequence to physical creatures. The effects on the electric that is invisible as soul, goes to the mind, you might say electric is not a physical presence, however you would be wrong. The thing in Quran that is mentioned with the name of Quran, is not composed of paper a dink, in the contrary it is a name of a creature. Quran is the name given to the electricity and electromagnetism that we know of. Electric is a physical movement on the contrary to scientific disciplines and it is the version of kinetic current of it. Soul is the one and only existence contrary to physical presences. When it is the case, the communication of the body and the soul seems logical. The ideas and definitions support this story, exist in the revelation narratives in the Quran.Even though we separate our organs one by one, we know that we won’t disappear. Ultimately, even the webs in the brain that composed of one hundred billion of cell do not provide the connection with the soul. Webs in the brain are only transferring the data by making amplitude. Soul, shelters in the atom. In other words, there is soul in every atom.

In times past, nobody could comprehend that matters came into the existence when very small elements came together. Though, we still continue to identify our selfness with our bodies. We think that our bodies are actually us, while they are only made up for become a tool. In Quran, while history of humanity starting from Abraham was being mentioned, it is started all the way from cosmic soup, long before our short human history. The creation of elements in relatively cooled down universe starts after the generation of Abraham when atoms created and continues with the generation of Moses when the soul is blown into the atoms. Eventually, the formation of matter with the connection of elements in the era of Jesus (electron/the son) is mentioned. Going from electrons to protons starts from the era of Mohammed, in which the human history starts here in the world. Human history involves all the creatures. Since every creature inholds human atom, the feature of “having a soul” for all creatures, comes to the forefront. The feature of “intelligence” which differentiates us from other creatures, contains lots of human atoms in the brain and those atoms develops a biological connection to communicate, which produces the intelligence. It might sound silly to you now but in the revelations the atoms which has intelligence, are called “human”. With that, two main elements of atom “ins and cinn”, which did not created human, is mentioned. İns is the empty atom which does not have soul, cinn is the soul itself. While the atoms of cinn is called racul (man), the atoms of ins are called nisa (woman), and with that their gender is emphasized. Revelation narratives are generally focus on the atoms who relatively has intelligence rather than us. God only addresses to them. Revelation narratives, which solely contain technical information for thousands of years, are forced to adapt to the social structure of human beings for thousands of years as well. Even it was told that sentences were metaphor. Not what the God said, but what people thought God said, was written by people for all these times.